Jaymes Lombardi

We find ourselves at a time when the predominant cultural and social ideology is how do we get more of what we want.


Moving like a kung fu assassin in a Tarentino film, bouncing between the ideologies of optimism and pessimism, dreamer and realist, Jaymes seeks to bring a balance to this pursuit with one simple question,

why ?

Over the years he has filled a resume with occupations ranging from high school music leader for a non-denominational mega church, to his current career as a professional body piercer…and everything in between. This allows him a unique ability to transcend the normal conversations of purpose and fulfillment, but remain rooted squarely in the pragmatics of business and brand, all while maintaining full awareness that life is not always filled with the rewards and recognitions we think we deserve.


From pulling inspiration out of the musical art of cultural icon JAY-Z, to finding solace among the existential observations from the work of 19th Century philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, all while vulnerably displaying his own scars from the intense battles waged against alcoholism, addiction and depression, Jaymes is constantly pursuing new artistic expressions in the practice of asking why.

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